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FUSE.COM – You may only now be hearing about pop singer Jasmine V—she just released her first EP That’s Me Right There, whose title track features Kendrick Lamar—but you’ve almost definitely seen her before. After all, she played the love interest in Justin Bieber’s 2010 “Baby” video (and was once his love interest in real life), which helped her build up nearly 1.7 million Twitter followers. Jasmine, who turns 21 next month, was first signed at the age of 12, but due to the vicissitudes of the music business, won’t be releasing her debut album until next year. Here’s what he up-and-coming star (full name: Jasmine Villegas) had to say about it all.

Your new single “That’s Me Right There” features Kendrick Lamar. How did that collaboration come about, and what was it like working with one of the top rappers in the game?

I sat down with my manager, and being on the same label as Kendrick, that idea came up. I didn’t know if it was gonna happen because at the time he was really M.I.A. working on his own music. But it ended up happening, and I got to actually sit down with him before he recorded it. He asked me how to approach the record, and I told him, “Listen, you’re Kendrick Lamar, everything you do is amazing….” It’s still a shocker to me that my first single is with Kendrick Lamar.

What else can people expect from the new EP?

One of the songs is called “Walk Away,” and I’ve never really sang or recorded a song like that—the song is kind of like a dance record, and I never really do dance records. It was a little bit of a struggle, but I think I ended up getting it.

Earlier this year you performed at A Night of Comedy sponsored by the National Council of La Raza and Fuse’s sister network NUVOtv. What was it like performing your music on a bill with all those funny people?

It was awesome. I had my dancers with me that day, and I got to see a lot of great people there. Anjelah Johnson, who’s really funny, went on right before me. I was kind of in shock because I used to watch her YouTube videos all the time.
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[VIDEO]Jasmine Villegas Official Music Video “Didn’t Mean It”

[PHOTOS] Jasmine V performs at Sephora on Hollywood and Highland

Yesterday ( July 10th) Jasmine Villegas performed a small gig held at Sephora on Hollywood and Highland.She looks absolutely flawless,right?I uploaded 33 high quality photos to gallery.

Sephora on Hollywood and Highland (July 10th 2012) x33 photos

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[VIDEO] Jasmine Villegas surprise for fans

Jasmine V among the 100 most independent latinas in Hollywood

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than with a look at 100 Independent Latinas in Hollywood?!

From TV actresses to movie stars, from musicians to fashion designers and models, here are cien mujeres who have declared their independence in Hollywood and stand on their own two feet.

These chicas don’t need anyone to buy them the shoes on their feet. They earned it! The clothes they’re wearing? They earned it! The car they’re driving? They earned it! As Beyonce said in her popular song, “Independent Woman,” — the motto of an independent woman is, “I depend on me.”

We’re so proud of what these independent women stand for and what they’ve accomplished, that we didn’t want to leave anyone out—including our Spanish hermanas!

Her Twitter followers call themselves “Jasminators” and they follow Jasmine’s every move. Why? Because the half-Mexican singer is sweet, talented and a great example of what it means to be an independent woman!

Tokidoki 2012 Fall Collection

A few weeks ago have appeared some new photos from the Tokidoki 2012 Fall Collection.I totally love those photos,maybe we’ll have a new layout with them.What do you think?I uploaded 19 medium quality photos to gallery.

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  • [VIDEO] Jasmine V & Bryan J – Doing It Wrong

    Jasmine on Being Latina – “My Culture Always Influences Me”

    Jasmine Villegas continues to blow up in the music scene, and the beautiful pop singer honors her Latina roots as part of the reason for her creative drive. Jasmine has quickly earned her respect in the music business since the release of her successful mix tape, She Believed.

    Here’s what the talented star told Latina exclusively about what it means to be Latina, “I love being Latina. My culture has always influences me. I feel everybody should embrace his or her culture, and I do.” Jasmine also adds how her culture has served as a muse, “It’s part of who I am and it’s part of my music and I’m definitely going to keep putting that into my music. I’m going to keep reaching out to my Spanish fans, and my Filipino fans and my Mexican fans, everything because I feel like that’s a big part of who I am.”

    She premiered the first interactive video of its kind for her new single about making up and breaking up titled, “Just a Friend” a few months back, and recently posted an in-studio session with Tyra for her new track, “So Silly.”

    MyxClusive: Jasmine Villegas

    video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

    Myx Tv sat down with 18-year-old songstress Jasmine Villegas to discuss everything from getting her start and being homeschooled to singing the national anthems at boxing matches and being an advocate for anti-bullying. Learn more about childhood friends Jessica Sanchez and Thia Megia in addition to her early acting role with Justin Bieber. Truly an exclusive, this MyxClusive also premieres a teaser for her upcoming music video, “Didn’t Mean It” and includes an in-studio performance of her hit song, “Just a Friend”.

    What didn’t you know about Jasmine V, Jasminators? Leave a comment below!